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Q. I do not have diabetes, but suffer from chronic cold feet. Can I still use HealthiBetic Foot Cream?

A. Yes. HealthiBetic Diabetic Foot Cream increases the blood flow in all feet regardless of age or type of type of condition. By significantly increasing the blood flow in the feet, the temperature in the feet is automatically increased as well.

Q. Are there any side effects associated with this cream?
A. No. HealthiBetic Foot Cream contains safe natural ingredients with no side effects.

Q. Will HealthiBetic Foot Cream alleviates any symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy?
A. Yes. Peripheral neuropathy describes damage to the peripheral nerves, the vast communications network that transmits information from the brain and spinal cord to every other part of the body. It may be caused by diseases of the nerves or as the result of systemic illnesses such as diabetes. In Diabetics, peripheral neuropathy is caused by the reduction of blood flow and high blood sugar levels that tend to pool particularly in the feet. The usefulness of HealthiBetic Cream is directly involved with the increase of blood flow in the areas where the cream is applied. The increase in blood flow not only provides an instant increase in oxygen and nutrients that are vital in repairing the cells in the surrounding tissues, but it also gets rid of the pooled glucose that is exacerbating the condition.

Q. Can this product be placed on an open ulcer or burn on a foot?
A. Yes it can. You may feel a slight sting initially but this is normal and subsides within 1-2 minutes. Ultimately Healthibetic Cream with the L-Arginine formulation helps heal the ulcers and burns - and continual use will prevent the ulcer formation from reoccurring. The healing of Diabetic foot ulcers is accomplished by the increased blood circulation, which removes excess pooled glucose in the feet. Once the glucose is removed, your immune system can function properly and the ulcers are healed naturally. Healthibetic Foot Cream is an excellent treatment for diabetic foot ulcers.

Q. I have just started to use the foot cream and wondered if it would be helpful on my hands as the circulation is poor there too. They are very quick to get cold and stiff. Is there any areas you cannot use the cream?
A. Yes, you can use Healthibetic cream on your hands. Using Healthibetic Cream on your hands will improve circulation and ultimately increase the temperatures of your hands. You can also use Healthibetic Cream on your shoulders, elbows, knees ir anywhere you may feel cold or achy. The only place you should not use Healthibetic is on the face, genital & anal areas.

Q. When is the best time to apply Healthibetic foot cream?
A. When you first start using Healthibetic diabetic foot cream, the best time to apply it is first thing in the morning before you put on your socks and in the evening before you go to bed.  After the first 14 days are over, the best time to apply is just  before going to bed.

Q. I have been using Healthibetic diabetic foot cream for 3 weeks and it has worked great for me. The weather has started to get very cold and I would like to use the cream on my feet before I go outside and walk my dog.  Is there anything I should be concerned about if I apply the cream 2-3 times a day?
A. Please feel free to use the cream as often as you wish.  We have customers who regulaly apply Healthibetic diabetic foot cream 2-4 times a day for a  variety of reasons. The more you use Healthibetic foot cream  - the healthier your feet will be.  There are no side effects whatsoever - except Warm, Healthy and  Happy Feet.

Q. How long does a bottle last?
A. The initial bottle of Healthibetic foot Cream lasts approximately 1 month  - with a twice daily apllication for the first 14 days. Subsequent bottles of Healthibetic diabetic foot cream lasts closer to 2 months.

Q. I spoke with my Dad regarding trying the cream twice/day for 7 days.  He refused.... he's an old farmer - very stubborn.  He also decided he only needs the cream every other day. He also wanted me to ask you how long he has to keep using the cream.  He figures since his feet feel warmer now that he could quit using the cream and his feet will stay warm. Am I correct in assuming that this cream is a "maintenance" cream, it works while being used but if stopped, the feet go back to the same condition as before the cream was used? I suggested we rub his feet with your cream one day and a moisturizing lotion the next day.  (At least the daily rubbing will help with his circulation.)  He felt ok with that but has concerns that the lotion will react with the products in your cream. Could either of these two products be used with your product without reactions?
A. If you stop using the cream - the circulation will be reduced and eventually return to his old state.  It is important to note that - the increase in circulation removes the excess sugar that is traped in your dad's feet.  The extra sugar feeds the bacteria which causes feet ulcers and also precvents the immune system form functioning properly. I understand being fruggal - but ultimatley what is the health of your feet worth?  Thousands of diabetic feet are amputated each year in Canada alone.  If you go to your doctor and get a referral for Healthibetic Foot Cream - the referral along with the receipt can be used as tax deductable medical expense. You can use other foot lotions with Healthibetic foot cream for extra moisturizing effects.  Just make sure that
the feet are clean prior to applying Healthibetic. I would still recommend  using the Healthibetic foot cream once a day in the evening prior to bed , and the other moisturizer in the morning.

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